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guitarflow, John Suhr Guitars, Suhr Amps, Fuchs, Amps, Suhr Pickups, Madison Amps, Madison PA, THD Amps, Allparts Products, Traynor Amps, Yorkville, Apex


Madison Divinity II 

NEW w/ 3 year warranty, 
Footswitch & 30 Foot Cable Included


The Divinity II amplifier is a hybrid built amp.
 It utilizes parts made all over the world so that we could only deal with trustworthy components that last long term.
This keeps our initial cost down as well as warranty costs. This saves the consumer in the long run.
We assemble, test and burn in the Divinity II here in the USA. Open a Divinity II and you can meet the man who built your amp.



·               J&J GCCZ 6L6 tubes for amazing deep mid response

·          Built in the USA

·          Twin High gain channels sharing the same EQ and Level control

·          Master Shape control

·          Spring Reverb

·          Clean channel that STAYS clean at loud volumes

·          Effects Loop with master level control at the footswitch

·          Hyper LED light for totally silent operation

·          High performance, quality made transformers that last forever

·          3 year warranty


Countless hours of design work have gone into the Divinity II amplifier. Many people ask "hey this looks like a Metal amp". Well we are not going to deny that it will go "balls to the walls man"... and attack like no other with massive definition and distortion. However, it has one of the sweetest sounding clean channels your ever gonna hear and for blues drive.... well your just going to have to give it a try and see for yourself. rest assured, you will be pleasantly surprised. It offers a smooth creamy tone naturally or you can kick it up a notch and barrel down on some nasty, fully sustained rock blues driving notes that you'll thirst to play over and over again.

  • Master Shape Control--- This circuit works in every channel as a master control to allow the guitarist to sweep from focus on the lower mid frequencies to the opposite side focusing on the higher mid frequencies. Its a subtle control but as you may already know, good tone is all about those subtleties.

  • Clean Channel--- The clean channel is something to behold. Few amps will stay clean like the Divinity II at loud volumes. You can put the master on 10 and STILL have clean without breakup. The EQ circuit is perfectly voiced for a very rich and full tone.

  • Gain Channels--- The Divinity II has 2 gain channels. Each share the same EQ circuit and Level control. Gain 2 rolls back the high frequencies and pulls up the bottom end perfect for solos. Gain 1 focuses on extremely defined mids that cut like no other. Its not just the Clipping circuit that gives the Divinity its unique definition. The EQ circuit for the gain channel has always been a major point of interest in its design. Finding the perfect low / mid and high circuits really nailed down the tight response and deep low end that doesn't "fart" out or make it sound like a box. We also do something very special with or gain circuit and the second 12AX7 tube in the pre amp stage. This little circuit is the key factor in the Divinity's sharp, cutting attack.

  • Tubes--- After years and years of trying to find the perfect tubes, we finally came across the perfect tubes for the Divinity II. The Ruby brand 6L6GCCZ/JJ power tubes are actually made by J&J and then tested, matched and quality approved by RUBY. These amazing tubes are probably the most expensive one can buy but they are worth it. They focus more on the low mid frequencies that REALLY make your sound cut through. Not only that but they tend to have a little more output than your standard 6L6.

POWER OUTPUT -- -- 120 watts
POWER TUBES -- -- 4 Ruby 6L6GCCZ/JJ (J&J tubes)
PRE AMP TUBES -- -- 4 Electro Harmonics 12AX7 & 12AT7
CHANNELS -- -- 2 with tube boost & Gain 2
SPEAKER OUTPUTS -- -- 4 / 8 /16 Ohm ability
FOOTSWITCH -- -- 5 pin footswitch included with every amplifier
WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS -- -- 55LBS    27W" x 10D" x 10.5H"
VOLTAGE -- -- 120V OR 240V switch able

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guitarflow guitar flow suhr guitars and amps

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